So it all started off 4 years ago when I started a hobby of metal detecting.

I absolouteley love the hobby and I can't get enough of it. However, finding the time to detect was difficult. 

I have a young family, my wife to be and 3 little rascals. Whilst also working full time and trying to maintain a balance it was very tough.

So I thought of a way I could continue my hobby in a way where not only will I get the excitement and thrill of finding lost history, and learning about the items I find but a way of gaining an additional income too.

Thats when me and my partner Mel thought of the idea to 're-bury' the treasures and give back to others that may not have the opportunity to get out and metal detect yet alone affording the equipment and finding land permissions.

Therefore with these unique 'Treasure Clusters' you can excavate them in your own homes, on your own, with your families and friends.

You can learn a lot from the history beneath us and its a great way to learn a little bit about our past whether that dates back to the stone ages, irons ages, medieval ages or later.

Now Treasure Clusters is born!