Treasure Cluster Mystery Unearthing

Who are We?

My name is Joshua and I am a huge history buff who has a passion for metal detecting and unearthing lost history in the UK country side in the heart of Somerset.
I and a some friends who I go on these metal detecting adventures with have found many artefacts/ partefacts, Coins and treasures throughout the years 

I would like to be able to share the experiences that I and friends have when unearthing lost history beneath us.
Therefore I have created this unique experience where I 're-bury' artefacts/ partefacts and coins for YOU to excavate the 'cluster' in a home/learning environment.

Along with this excavation kit will be a description of the item/items contained within any history related to the area and the find and some excavation tools to help you excavate.

The fun of unearthing these finds is you never know what you are going to get. Which is ironic as that is what it is like metal detecting. 

That is the mystery of this hobby and these unique Treasure Clusters I have created.

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